Equinox and writing

Equinox started writing stories in October 2006. Despite being Dutch, he prefers to write in English. The main reason is his opinion that the English language fits better with the genre of the stories he writes.
The genre cannot be accurately named in a single term; it has influences of science fiction, fantasy, steampunk and teslapunk.
There are influences from numerous famous and lesser-known art that have formed the world of Equinox into what it is at this day.

Many stories that are to be classified as science fiction or fantasy contain speaking characters other than humans. The first story of Equinox, Oblivious of Truth, features only humans, but as of upcoming projects, this is no longer the case.

Currently, Equinox is working on several projects, including two new stories that will be of novel length. The first of the upcoming stories will possibly not released as a novel, but as a comic or grapical novel instead. Equinox made this decision because he believes that said story is best told with images, so both he and the readers will better understand what actually happens and what the world and the characters look like.

See the finished projects and unfinished projects pages for more information.