Equinox has published his first book, Oblivious of Truth, in corporation with FreeMusketeers publishers and the book can be purchased on their website. In addition, Equinox offers copies of the book for customers outside The Netherlands.

Did you write a story yourself? It's always helpful to have someone look it over. Equinox has this done on his own stories and his positive experience with that made him offer the same service himself.

Equinox will, depending on the author's wishes, check the following elements:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Interpunction
  • Logic in the plot and suspense
  • Realism in choice of words concerning situation and or characters

The length of the story is of lesser importance, but keep in mind that stories with a length of 40,000 words and more will take more time and effort. Costs for the author will vary, depending on language, genre and story length.