Who is Equinox?

Who is Equinox?

Metonymia Equinox was born in 1992, somewhere in a small city in the center of the Netherlands. He started in 2000 with learning to play the piano, an instrument he has been playing ever since.

In autumn 2007, he incorporated singing into his musical activities, performing together with an occasional band. The coorporation was short, however, and the act of singing more or less moved into the background.

Late 2009, Equinox first sang and later also played together with the Mysterious Musician. They soon formed a band called Dualisten. Together, they both sing, play an instrument and write music and songs.

Apart from songs, Equinox also writes stories of novel length. The genre is related to science fiction and fantasy in the style of steampunk and teslapunk.
The first of those stories is called Oblivious of Truth and is published at FreeMusketeers.
More information about storywriting can be found on the page about writing.

What's in the name?

A question that has been asked more than once. The word 'metonymia' is Dutch for "metonymy", which is a term that is commonly practiced in the Dutch speaking language.
The equinox are the two days in a the year on which the day and night are equal in length. The moon can be orange at these times. Orange is the color directly associated to the Netherlands.

Both words sounded appealing to Equinox and implicitly express his nationality, therefore he put them together and declared this his pseudonym. Furthermore, it seemed like a name that fits the genres he works with.